Saturday, 21 September 2013

Previous GATE Questions on Diode Models

This set of questions include Ideal diode model, Simplified diode model, and piece wise linear diode model.

   1.       In the circuit shown, the current ID flowing through the ideal diode equal to  [GATE’97]

   2.      For the circuit shown in figure, the voltage Vo is                                         [GATE’00]

a.       2 volts
b.      1 volts
c.       -1 volts
d.      None of the above

   3.       In the circuit below, the diode is ideal. The voltage V is given by                  [GATE’09]

   (A)   Min (Vi,1)                            (B) max (Vi,1)                    (C) min(-Vi,1)                     (D) max (-Vi,1)

   4.       The i-v characteristics of the diode in the circuit given below are   [GATE'12]

The current in the circuit is 
A.      10mA                      B.  9.3 mA                            C.  6.67 mA                          D.  6.2 mA

   5.       The diodes and capacitors in the circuit shown are ideal. The voltage v(t) across the diode D1 is

                  a.    Cos(wt) - 1                                                                                                                    
b.   Sin(wt)
c.       1 – cos(wt)
d.      1 – sin(wt)

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