Friday, 20 September 2013

Previous 27 Years GATE Questions on Intrinsic Semiconductors (1987 - 2013)

      1.        Under high electric fields, in a semiconductor with increasing electric field,          [GATE’90]
a.       The mobility of charge carriers decreases
b.      The mobility of charge carriers increases
c.       The velocity of charge carriers saturates
d.      The velocity of charge carriers increases

     2.       The drift velocity of electrons in silicon                                                                       [GATE’95]                                                                                           
a.       Is proportional to the electric field for all values of electric field
b.      Is independent of the electric field
c.       Increases at low values of electric field and decreases at high values of electric field exhibiting negative differential resistance.
d.      Increases linearly with electric field at low values and gradually saturates at higher values of electric field.

     3.       The units of (q/KT) are                                                                                              [GATE’98]                                                                                                                            
a.       V
b.      V-1
c.       J
d.      J/K

     4.       The bandgap of silicon at 300oK is                                                                                 [GATE’03]                                                                                                      
a.       1.36 eV
b.      1.10 eV
c.       0.80 eV
d.      0.67 eV         

     5.       The bandgap of silicon at room temperature is                                                            [GATE’05]                                                                        
a.       1.3 eV
b.      0.7 eV
c.       1.1 eV
d.      1.4 eV

     6.       The primary reason for the widespread use of silicon in semiconductor device technology is                
a.       Abundance of silicon on the surface of the earth
b.      Large bandgap of silicon compared to germanium
c.       Favorable properties of silicon dioxide (SiO2)
d.      Lower Melting point

    7.       The ratio of the mobility to the diffusion coefficient in a semiconductor has the units of                    
a.       V-1
b.      Cm.V-1
d.      V.Sec


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