Thursday, 6 June 2013

Video Solutions for GATE 2006 ECE : One Mark Questions (Electron Devices)

1. The values of voltage (VD) across a tunnel diode corresponding  

     to peak and valley currents are VP and VV respectively. The 

     range of tunnel diode voltage VD for which the slope of its I-V  

     characteristics is negative would be 

 2.  The concentration of minority carriers in an extrinsic  

       semiconductor under equilibrium is :

 3. Under low level injection assumption, the injected minority  

     carrier current for an extrinsic semiconductor is essentially the

4. The phenomenon known as “early effect” in a bipolar transistor 

     refers to a reduction of the effective base width caused by 

5.  An n-channel depletion MOSFET has following two points on 

     its   ID verses VGS curve are

   (i)                  VGS = 0 at ID = 12 mA and 

   (ii)                VGS = -6 volts  at  ID = 0 mA

    Which of the following Q – points will give the highest  

      transconductance gain for small signals ?

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