Thursday, 6 June 2013

Video Solutions for GATE 2004 EC : One Mark Questions (Electron Devices)

1. The impurity commonly used for realizing the base region of 

     a silicon n-p-n transistor is 

                           (A)   Gallium             (B)    Indium          

                   (C)     Boron             (D)      Phosphorus

2. If for a silicon n-p-n transistor, the base to emitter voltage (VBE

    is 0.7 volts and the collector to base voltage (VCB) is 0.2 volts, 

    then the transistor is operating in the 

        (A)   Normal active mode                         (B)  saturation mode

        (C)    Inverse active mode                        (D)  cutoff mode

3. Consider the following statements S1 and S2.

                S1: the β of a bipolar transistor reduces if the base width 
                       is increased.

                S2: the β of a bipolar transistor increases if the doping 
                       concentration in the base is increased

  Which one of the following is correct ?

4. Assuming VCEsat = 0.2 volts, and β = 50, the minimum base 

    current (IB) required to drive the transistor in figure to saturation



5. The given figure is the voltage transfer characteristic of 
Ans :  CMOS Inverter

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