Monday, 10 June 2013

Video Solutions for GATE 2002 ECE : Two Mark Questions (Electron Devices)

1. A zener diode regulator in figure, is to be designed to meet the 

specifications : IL = 10 mA, Vo = 10 volts, and Vin varies from 

30 volts to 50 volts. The zener diode has Vz = 10 volts, and

Izk (knee current) = 1 mA. For satisfactory operation

2. Consider the following statements in connection with the CMOS 

inverter in figure, where both the MOSFETs are of enhancement 

type and both have a threshold voltage of 2 volts.

                S1 : T1 conducts when Vi  >= 2 volts.

                S2 : T1 is always in saturation when Vo = 0 volts.

Which of the following is correct.

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