Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Video Solutions for GATE 2002 ECE : Five Mark Questions (Electron Devices)

1. Each transistor in figure, has a dc current gain βdc = 50, 

cut in voltage Vγ = 0.65 volts and VBEsat = 0.75 volts. 

The output voltage Vo for T2 in saturation can be as high as

0.2 volts. Assume 0.7 volts drop across a conducting PN junction. 

              (a)  The minimum value IB2 necessary to keep T2   

              (b)  The maximum permissible value for the resistance 

              (c)  The worst case high input (logic 1) and the worst case 
                     low input (logic 0) for which T2 will be either in 
                     saturation or in cut off.

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