Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Video Solutions for GATE 1994 ECE : One Mark Questions ( Electron Devices )

1. A small concentration of minority carriers is injected into a 

    homogeneous semiconductor crystal at one point. An electric 

    field of 10 V-cm is applied across the crystal and this moves 

    the minority carriers a distance of 1 cm is 20 µsec. The mobility 

    in cm2/volt-sec  will be

                       (a)  1,000                  (b)  2,000       

                       (c)  5,000                  (d) 5,00,000

2. The threshold voltage of an n channel MOSFET can be

    increased by 


 Fill in the Blanks :

1. The forward dynamic resistance of a junction diode  varies 

     __________________ as the forward current.

Ans : Inversely

2. The  transit time of the current carriers through the channel of 

    an FET decides its _________ characteristics.
Ans :  Switching  


TRUE  ( or )   FALSE :

1. A p-type silicon sample has a higher conductivity compared 

    to an n-type sample having the same dopant concentration. 
                                     (TRUE / FALSE)
Ans :  FALSE

2. Channel current is reduced on application of a more positive 

    voltage to the gate of a depletion mode n-channel MOSFET. 

                                     (TRUE / FALSE)
Ans :  FALSE  

 Match the Following :

 1. Match the Following w.r.t. BJT.

Ans :

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