Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Video Solutions for GATE 2012 EC : Electronic Devices - Two Mark Questions

1. In the CMOS circuit shown, electron and hole mobilities are equal, and M1 and M2 are equally sized. The device M1 is in the linear region if
Ans : 

Common Data for Questions for 2 and 3 :

In the three dimensional view of a silicon n-channel MOS transistor shown below, δ= 20 nm. The transistor is of width 1 µm. The depletion width formed at every p-n junction is 10 nm. The relative permittivities of Si and SiO2 respectively, are 11.7 and 3.9, and Ɛ0 = 8.9 X 10-12 F/m.

2. The gate – source overlap capacitance is approximately

Ans :

3. The source – body junction capacitance is approximately

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