Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Video Solutions for GATE 2010 EC : Electronic Devices - Two Mark Questions

1. In a uniformly doped BJT, assume that NE, NB and NC are the emitter, base and collector doping in atoms/cm3, respectively. If the emitter injection efficiency of the BJT is close to unity, which one of the following conditions is TRUE ?

Ans :

2. Compared to a p-n junction with NA=ND=1014 /cm3, which one of the following statements is TRUE for a p-n junction with NA=ND=1020 /cm3 ?

Ans :

Statement for linked Answer Questions :  3  and  4

The silicon sample with unit cross sectional area shown below is in thermal equilibrium. The following information is given : T = 300K, electronic charge = 1.6x10-19C, thermal voltage=26mV, and electron mobility = 1350 cm2/V-sec.

3. The magnitude of the electric field at x=0.5 µm is

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4. The magnitude of the electron drift current density at x=0.5 µm is


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