Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Video Solutions for GATE 2010 EC : Analog Circuits - Two Mark Questions

1. The transfer characteristics for the precision rectifier circuit shown below is (assume ideal op-amp and practical diodes).

Ans :

Common Data Questions :   2  and  3

Consider the common emitter amplifier shown below with the following circuit parameters:
β=100, gm=0.3861 A/V, r0 = ∞, re= 259 Ω, RS=1KΩ, RB=93KΩ,RC=250 Ω, RL=1KΩ, C1=∞ and C2=4.7 mF.

2. The resistance seen by the source Vs is

Ans :

3. The lower cut-off frequency to C2 is

Ans : 

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